We’re very excited to announce our selection for AFI DOCS 2019! Our screening will be on June 22 at 6p in the Landmark Cinema E Street.

More details on the festival are available here

Ticketing information is available here



AFI DOCS is the nation's documentary film festival known for showcasing the best in documentary filmmaking from the US and around the world.

AFI DOCS is also the only film festival in the United States that offers the unique opportunity to connect film audiences with national opinion leaders, filmmakers and intriguing film subjects. With conversations and experiences you won't experience at any other film festival, AFI DOCS harnesses the power of this important art form and its potential to inspire change.

Screenings during this annual five-day event take place in landmark venues in Washington, DC and the world-class AFI Silver Theatre, the independent film hub of the metropolitan region.

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We’re pleased to announce that AUTONOMY will be debuting in the Midwest at Cinetopia Film Festival in Ann Arbor, Michigan on May 19th at 2:00p.

Detailed ticketing information can be found here.

About Cinetopia Film Festival

Cinetopia promotes a love of cinema arts in community through exhibition and education by bringing celebrated films from around the world to the Detroit Area.

Cinetopia Film Festival began in 2012, when Indiewire Influencer Russ Collins (from the Michigan Theater in Ann Arbor) realized that Detroit–a major metropolitan area with a rich heritage of cinematic culture that represents Michigan’s proud legacy of outstanding cinema artists–should have its own independent film festival.

Together with partners like the national “dean” of art house programming Elliot Wilhelm (from the Detroit Film Theatre), the Cinetopia team handpicks a program each year that identifies the best of the best–the highlights of global film festivals like Sundance, SXSW, Tribeca, Toronto, Cannes, Berlin, and more–and brings them home for the audiences in SE Michigan to explore and enjoy.

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The Reviews Are In

What a week! After three very well-attended screenings and a sold-out panel featuring Malcolm Gladwell and Chris Urmson that we produced to complement the film—we’re just now able to see the impact of our project on the larger cultural zeitgeist.

From the tech world:

“New documentary ‘Autonomy’ makes the convincing case that self-driving cars will change everything

[It’s] a comprehensive, thorough examination of the state of self-driving cars.

The Alex Horwitz documentary smartly straddles the line between techno-optimism and necessary caution”

-Nick Statt, The Verge, 3.13.19

to the film community:

“The documentary gathers news in a useful way, prompting discussions about what variety of a computer-guided world we'd like to live in.”

-John DeFore, The Hollywood Reporter, 3.9.19

and even the PR industry:

“This shift in debate is becoming normal as innovation begins to mature. First there is the hype of the technology and the unreasonably positive view of the impact on the world (blockchain is in this phase). But before mainstreaming there is a phase of challenge, debate, and reflection when the true impact of the coming technology adoption is becoming clearer and needs a critical light shined upon it.”

-Justin Billingsley, global chief executive of Publicis Emil and chief executive of Publicis Groupe DACH and Brazil via PRWeek, 3.11.19

©  2019 Birzer Photo Inc

© 2019 Birzer Photo Inc

Stay tuned for more information on our plans for public/international distribution.

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Two Things

Ahead of our big debut next Saturday we have two amazing things to share:

1) Our official festival poster featuring an illustration by the amazing Emiliano Ponzi!


2) Malcolm Gladwell and Chris Urmson will be at the center of a featured panel right before our first screening, we’re calling it “Self Driving Cars: The Future Is When?”

It will be a lively discussion that will provide additional context behind the big issues that will shape wide-scale adoption of self-driving cars.

Like it or not, self-driving vehicles are coming. Some say they’re already here. With ever-increasing speed, the technology for creating both autonomous private vehicles and public transportation is becoming a reality. But who do we become when we relinquish control to machines? How safe will these vehicles be? What will they look like? And who owns the data they generate? To mark the SXSW world premiere of his new documentary, Autonomy, Malcolm Gladwell (author and host of Revisionist History) joins Chris Urmson (CEO of Aurora Innovation) and NBC News Correspondent Jo Ling Kent for a conversation about where we’re heading and who we’ll be when we get there.

Will you be in Austin? Find out more about the panel here.

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