Two Things

Ahead of our big debut next Saturday we have two amazing things to share:

1) Our official festival poster featuring an illustration by the amazing Emiliano Ponzi!


2) Malcolm Gladwell and Chris Urmson will be at the center of a featured panel right before our first screening, we’re calling it “Self Driving Cars: The Future Is When?”

It will be a lively discussion that will provide additional context behind the big issues that will shape wide-scale adoption of self-driving cars.

Like it or not, self-driving vehicles are coming. Some say they’re already here. With ever-increasing speed, the technology for creating both autonomous private vehicles and public transportation is becoming a reality. But who do we become when we relinquish control to machines? How safe will these vehicles be? What will they look like? And who owns the data they generate? To mark the SXSW world premiere of his new documentary, Autonomy, Malcolm Gladwell (author and host of Revisionist History) joins Chris Urmson (CEO of Aurora Innovation) and NBC News Correspondent Jo Ling Kent for a conversation about where we’re heading and who we’ll be when we get there.

Will you be in Austin? Find out more about the panel here.

Maury Postal